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10 Effective tips to maximize use of office space

Every business needs to have an office.  Having enough office space is important so that you can do business efficiently and effectively.  However, each meter of office space requires money thus you need to use it effectively.  Here are our 10 effective tips to maximize use of office space.

The term “office space” here literally means business space so it also includes your store and shops.  These tips work on all office types.

1.  Know what you need.  Before even starting to get an office space sit down and think what you need the office for.  What will be happening at the office?  How many personnel would be working in the office?  What equipment will be installed inside?  By knowing this you can get a rough estimate of how big your office needs to be.

2.  Daily business traffic.  Another thing to consider about office space is the potential traffic of your business.  How many clients or people are you expecting to serve each day?  Calculate this and then try to figure out how big will be the office space you need.

3.  Layout.  Once you get an office location and I hope it is good and does not cost you too much, try to have a layout of the office.  Maximize every inch of that office space.  This is called space planning.  Make use of every corner of your office space and make them useful remember that each inch costs something.

Effective ways to maximize use of office space

4.  Put proper furniture and fixtures.  Know the right furniture and fixtures for your office.  If you only have limited space then a simple tip to maximize office space is to avoid large items.  Use only what is needed and do not overdo the setup of your office.  You can be fancy and all but in the end it might just use a lot of space.  Be wise.

Effective ways to maximize use of office space

5.  Ask a consultant.  If you are new and unfamiliar with how to maximize office space properly then you can always get the help of a consultant. Get a consultant with a long established experience in the field or if they are new those who have skilled personnel in place.  (Check out this Office Design and Fit Out Solutions provider).

6.  Choose colors wisely. Color can also be something that would have something to do with maximizing office space.  If you want to get your people productive then use the right color.  According to Angela Wright, world-renown color psychologist – while individuals might have certain preferences for color, the effects of color influence people universally.

Colors need not to be implemented wholly since there are certain colors like white which can help broaden the sense of space in your office.  Some of the color here may serve as your accent colors.  According to Wright’s theory it states the following findings:

  • Blue stimulates the mind.
  • Yellow inspires creativity.
  • Red affects your body
  • Green creates a calming balance.

This theory further states that, “the saturation and intensity of the color choice. Highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted colors will soothe.”

7.  Lighting.  Be sure that lighting also works perfectly.  You can all have a good layout, color and more but no one wants to work in a dark office.  Make use of your surroundings.  If there is a possibility to avoid use of electricity and use natural light then that is better.

8.  Keep it clean.  Keep your office away from clutter at all times.  Make sure that your employees are organized and that they keep their desks neat.  Having clutter affects office space and also productivity.  It will save more time if you will implement a system and then sticking to it than having all files in a clutter.

9.  Leave space for your people.  Make sure that part of your office space will be dedicated to allow people to walk and get out of their desks.  No one would like to be sitting all day in the desk.  By having an area to move around or rest for a while it will make your office a lot comfortable.

Kano Effective ways to maximize use of office space

10.  Plan for ventilation.  Be sure to have a well ventilated office.  To save a lot on office space make sure that it will be integrated in the ceiling or at least not eat out huge space.  If you will be using air conditioning use those which can integrate seamlessly in your office space.

I hope that this article will help you maximize your office space.   Before we end this you can also check out some good examples of effective furniture and fixture for your office at this link.

If you have additional tips to maximize use of office space then please do add your comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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