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10 Effective Ways to Advertise your Business

Advertising is important to every business particularly those who are just starting up.   You might be in a good location and have a great business but do people know you?  If no one knows you exist then your business has a big problem.  Let us share with you our very own 10 effective ways to advertise your business.

10 Effective Ways to Advertise your Business

1. Social Media

Social media is the most cost effective platform to begin advertising your business.  Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram to connect to your target customers.  If you are engaged in a business which drives on visual details and appreciation Instagram and Facebook would be the most ideal platform for you.  If you are on a more serious type of business like consulting, service and the like then you should focus on Twitter and particularly Linkedin.

2.  Engage your circle

If you are starting a business you might as well talk to your friends and relatives including your schoolmates.  Engage your neighbors as well.  Offer them some sort of freebies to make them try out your services or products.  You can even directly ask them to help you in advertising your business.  Apply your people skills and charisma and let it work for your business.

3.  Use your store design.

Many companies use their own store design to promote their business and products.  Create a showroom where you can showcase your items. In malls you might notice the storefront of various brands as a living showcase of what they offer.  There are also this anti-theft devices which you can install in your store not only to protect your business from thefts but also as an effective way to advertise your business or even earn from others who might want to advertise in your store.

Mustard Seed Sensormatic - 10 Effective Ways to Advertise your Business

4.  OLX

OLX is another free platform to advertise your products.  There is a limit to 10 advertisements per category but if you need to add more slots you can pay for the additional slots.  Their rates are reasonable.  Click here for sample advertisements on OLX and see how you can maximize your 10 ad slots.  You can also opt to feature your ads and boost them.

5.  Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are among the most effective ways to advertise your business.  You can use their carousel ads and feature your key products or even create an impressive story to drive customers to your business.  The good thing about advertising on Facebook is they allow you to track the effectiveness of your ads and even generate codes to determine your effective target audience.  Ads here can be delivered to your target audience up to the very specific location that is within your area of operation.

6.  Google Ads

Google ads are also very effective since they are ads which will be seen in the biggest search engine.  Everyone knows and uses Google, so you can be assured that people will see your ads.  These ads however are not cheap because you have to spend on keywords that people will search to find your business and the budgets would be on a per day basis.  Explore Google adwords through

Effective ways to advertise - Google Ads

7.  Lazada

Lazada is another way to advertise your business. You do not have to pay that much in order to be a member of the Lazada community.  The income that they will get from selling your products will be on a negotiated price based on their terms of service agreement.  Lazada also includes some of your products in their promotion across various channels, so that means you get an extra promotion without spending for them. (Click this link for sample Lazada ads)

8.  Television

We added this because advertising on television is still very effective.  You are seen by millions of viewers across all locations.  The main concern here would be the cost.  Can your business afford the high cost of television advertising?  If you have the budget for it then go and do it.  Make sure though that the ad that you will air on television is an effective advertisement video that will connect your target audience with your brand and business.

9.  Bloggers

Bloggers abound the online spectrum nowadays and they are also a good medium to help you promote your business.  You can organize a blogger’s event and invite them over so that you can showcase your products or services.  Be very cautious though in inviting bloggers since not all of them will be helping you as expected.  Be sure that the bloggers you invite understand what you expect from them and that they would be able to deliver.  Be honest to them and tell them about your budget, your purpose and even be open to seek out an honest help.  Most bloggers are very understanding and accommodating.

10.  Newspaper and Radio

Though they say that newspaper is dying, I would say that it would not come anytime soon.  Many of us still find time to read a printed copy rather than read news articles glued to a monitor or mobile phone.  It is less stressful to the eyes to really read them.  Place your ads on the section which your target audience usually reads.

For radio ads, you can check on the popularity of the stations and the type of people and demographics that listens to them.  Get the best rate and the appropriate time slot so that you can get the most out of your advertisements.

These are just 10 effective ways to advertise your business and there are more out there.  If you have something to add to this list please don’t hesitate to comment and help our readers know about it.

Thanks for reading!

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