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17th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition 2015 comes to Manila

aprce-logoThe Philippine Retailers Association proudly brings the biggest retail industry event in Asia Pacific, The 17th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition 2015 (APRCE).

It  is one of the biggest and most important retail industry event in Asia Pacific region since it brings together various retailers from across the region under one roof. The 17th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition will be held in Manila on October 28-30,2015 at SMX Mall of Asia .

This   event is  organized by the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA) ,the regional organization of the recognized national retail associations in the 17 member countries.

The APRCE is the main activity of the FAPRA. It is held after every  two years.  FAPRA members vote for a member association to host this grand gala for retailers in the Asia-Pacific region, and the event has become  Asia’s largest and longest-running retail convention and exhibition since it was first held in 1983. The APRCE aims is to make  new approaches to the latest issues facing the region’s retailers and highlight innovative solutions that can help retetailers differentiate themselves  from competitors , and to delvier greater value to consumers in Asia Pacific .

 ASIA Fast Forward

This year’s APRCE has adopted the theme “ASIA FAST FORWARD” to highlight the region’s growing strength as an economic community. Everything is converging in Asia as the fastest growing economic region in the world. The pace and scale of change in our part of the world have been staggering and the global business community is looking at Asia more than ever, for investment opportunities and future business expansion.

One of this years main speaker is Vittorio Radice Vice-Chairman, La Rinascente, A retail trade specialist in its true essence, Vittorio Radice has enjoyed a long and successful career in retail. He is currently Vice-Chairman of La Rinascente, a chain of upscale Italian department stores, and was La Rinascente’s Chief Executive from 2005 to 2012 where he was largely responsible for enhancing the prestige of the La Rinascente brand

Why should you join APRCE and what benefits will you get from this event?

This event offers a good platform for starting a business and gives you the spirit to grow the business and to help the economy of the country. APRCE is a must attend event if you want to get business ideas from across Asia Pacific.  It can help you strengthen the  backbone of your business.

For more information on how to be part of this event please visit  or  

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