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3 Genius Ways to Hide Security Cameras

Having a security camera in plain sight can serve as a good crime deterrent. However, there are several occasions and reasons for you to hide them. CCTV cameras are an effective way to make burglars think twice when they see one, but this also allows them to tamper with it or to disable it easily. A hidden surveillance camera can also help in finding out what your nanny or personnel are up to without them being conscious about someone looking at their every move. If you are very meticulous and specific about the aesthetic of your home or building, a hidden security system will surely compliment it.

Here are 3 genius ways to hide security cameras:

1. Artificial Plants

No one really pays attention to potted plants inside your home. Your relatives and visitors don’t usually ask about them, and a lot of us have a perception that most plants found inside are artificial or made of plastic. You can choose to put your CCTV camera in a flower-pot and conceal it through the leaves. Any criminal would less likely sift through the plant just to check if there are hidden security cameras.

2. Bookshelves and Hollow Books

A bookshelf might just be the last area for any thief to pay attention to. This is a good place for anyone to keep their security cameras in. You can put a mini-surveillance device between stack of books, or you can drill a hole in the spine of a hollow book to give the lens a field of view. It is up to you on where you want to position it.

3. Stuffed Animals

Thieves tend to seek out expensive items first. Plush toys or teddy bears are often overlooked. This makes it a perfect hiding spot for your surveillance cameras. These can blend in with the rest of the toys but you can also place them on top of a cabinet or window sill. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to hide your CCTV camera.

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