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A business’ name is one of the most important considerations an entrepreneur must make before arriving to a conclusion. Especially for first time business owners, your business’ name can help make or break your brand.

There are varying opinions when it comes to naming your business. There are experts who advise that names should be obvious, like Payroll Pro, meaning it should immediately give customers an idea on what you’re selling. Others say that names aren’t all that important, as long as you market your business well.

The truth is, no matter how well thought your name is, it won’t help much if the business is not advertised appropriately. Read on to know useful tips to help you pick the best name for your business.

1. Think simple and unique.

This can be quite tricky because you don’t want to end up with something so plain and easily dismissible. It has to be plain in the spelling context because a brand that’s spelled with 20 consonants in one word will never work. Make it unique enough to stand out especially from the competition.

2. Don’t do copycatting.

Sure it’s okay to get inspiration from ginormous brands that have successfully made their marks in business, but imitating a brand name will not only get you in trouble, but you will most likely get ridiculed on social media.

3. Research, Research, Research.

You don’t want to waste time thinking about a great sounding name, only to find out that some other business is already using it. Check the internet for trademarks. If it’s already been patented, whether you like it or not, you need to change it.

4. Bring out your creativity.

Think outside the box, but don’t go get too complicated. Make a list of all potential names that you want to use. Then narrow it down to at least 3 choices and go from there.

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