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5 Best Small Business Ideas for Summer Season 2017

Summer is one of the most-awaited seasons anywhere in the world. This is also a perfect opportunity for business owners to start a profitable small business. There are various opportunities to generate extra income during summer. With just a few bucks and hard work, you can start-up your own business.

During summer there are a lot of ways to earn money, so here are 5 best small business ideas for summer season 2017.

1. Cold Beverages Business

What better way to cool down than to drink cold beverage. Lemonade stands to famous cold desserts like ice creams, ice candies, smoothies, and halo-halo are sure to make a lot of profit because no one can resist a chill treat during this hot weather.

2. Organize Workshops

In most countries, summer is usually the season when students take their vacation. You can seize this opportunity to share your knowledge and help them hone their skills. You can organize workshops about arts, music, singing, dancing, acting, communication or sports; and you can charge fees at reasonable prices.

3. Care for Other People’s Yard

Earn a good amount of money during summer by offering people help to care for their yard. This kind of service is hard to ignore since a lot of people would be uninterested to trim or mow their lawn because of the scalding temperature.

4. Be a Pet Care Taker

If you love animals and want to make a living out of it, summer is the perfect season for you. You can offer your services to pet owners who have plans to travel during this season. You can charge per hour, or per day if they will be gone for a long time.

5. Sell Swimming Paraphernalia

Summer is the perfect time when families usually go out-of-town to go swimming. This is also an amazing opportunity for you to sell swimming gear. Put up your business and offer different swimming products that are sure to generate a generous amount of money.

You can also take advantage of software that will help you get your business’ financial data faster. QuickBooks Online, SAP, and Payroll Pro are some of the tools that you can use to streamline your enterprise’s operations. These programs can help you handle your accounts, manpower, and cash flow.

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