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5 Fire Safety Tips for Halloween You Need to Know

Halloween is a festivity full of spooks and scares but mostly caters to children who are taking this time of the year to dress up as their favorite character. Homeowners on the other hand also put in extra effort in decorating their homes to turn it into a spooky spectacle for all the kids in costumes who will come for trick or treat.

However, these spooky Halloween decorations and activities can also trigger lurking fire risks and has the potential of becoming truly scary. However, if you plan ahead and prepare, you can help make this Halloween a fire-safe one.

Here are 5 fire safety tips for Halloween you need to know:

1. Keep exits clear

Remember to keep escape routes in your home clear of any decorations, so in case of any emergency nothing would block your way. In addition to that, it is also advisable that you install a fire alarm and detection system in your residence. These devices make sure that you will be alerted when a fire starts and enables you to act immediately.

2. Use battery-operated candles

When decorating their homes, most owners tend to use candles to light up some of their displays, especially the jack-o-lanterns. However, most spooky decorations are made of plastic and can easily get caught on fire. So, it is better to use battery-operated candles or glow sticks.

3. Be careful in choosing your costume

When choosing your attire for Halloween, stay away from costumes with long trails. This is easily a recipe for disaster because the extra fabric on your back might catch fire. In case this happens, always remember to STOP, DROP, and ROLL to extinguish the flames.

4. Keep decorations away from heat sources

Dried flowers, crepe paper, and cornstalks are some of the displays that can get burned immediately. Keep these kinds of decorations away from naked fire if you can’t resist using candles to give your home an authentic spooky vibe. Open heat sources like light bulbs and heaters should not be overlooked as well.

5. Teach children to be cautious

Children will go around the neighborhood to start trick or treat and most of the time they are left to go with their friends without any adult supervision, so, it is better to educate them before they go out into the neighborhood. Tell children to stay clear of decorations with open flames because they might get burned or even cause fire once they play with it.

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