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5 Types of Video that Drives Results in a Marketing Campaign

Videos are always a welcome material in every marketing campaign.  Since most of our target audience are visual, it would help them easily remember the product and the brand through videos.  Do you know the 5 types of video that drives results in a marketing campaign?

5-Types-of-Video-that-Drives-Results-Marketing Campaign(2)

If you are not familiar with them yet, let us introduce you to these and help your business develop an effective marketing campaign through videos. (Also read “How do you create an effective marketing campaign?”)


This is a video that tells the story of your brand.  What’s the main purpose of your brand and why are you existing?  It is an authentic voice as a business to communicate to your consumers.  It should show how you started as a business, your milestones, why your brand matters to consumers and what is your vision for the future.



This video utilizes an individual who acts as a spokesperson for your company.  He will represent your business on your promotional video production.  The role of the spokesperson is to connect with your target.  You can use a known person in the industry or someone who can connect directly with your audience.



This type of video is very simple since it aims to showcase your products or highlight some of them.  Let the audience know what your company has to offer.  The video should be clear and not very long since people might get bored watching a product showcase.  Do not put all your products in the video as well, just select some focus products.



Instructional videos are also very useful.  These type of videos has the potential of being shared across many platforms because it is extremely useful and valuable.  If you created a video that is very useful to your target audience then you can create highly valuable brand awareness and brand trust.  People are eager to learn and they are eager to let others know what they learn as well.



A testimonial is always a powerful video since it verifies your brand and product credibility and trustworthiness.  It is the combination of the human element, the ‘word-of-mouth’ and the natural inclination that people have to want what someone else has enjoyed—the testimonial video.  Be sure that the video is authentic and it is not scripted.  Try to get it from someone who is really willing to make a testimonial.  When we say case study, it can be how your brand or product improve the lives of your customers.

We hope that with this article you can get an idea of how to create effective videos for your business.  It is not just about creating a video which you can show to clients or air on TV because it must be something that would appeal well with your customers.  It should create brand retention and brand loyalty.

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