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8-Questions-to-Ask-Yourself-in-Choosing-an-Effective- Business-Security-Camera(3)
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8 Questions to Ask Yourself in Choosing an Effecitve Business Security Camera

We can never be complacent about the security of our business even if we are located in a peaceful area.  As a business owner you should always assume that there are always risks and threats to your business and that you should protect it by all the means possible.  One of the most common form of protection is a CCTV or security camera.  Here are 8 questions to ask yourself in choosing a business security camera.

8-Questions-to-Ask-Yourself-in-Choosing-an-Effective- Business-Security-Camera

1.  How many cameras do you need?  This is perhaps the first question that you should ask yourself.  Consider the size of the business space that you would like to secure and the angles of view that you want to be covered by the camera.

2.  What type of camera do you want to have?  There are various types of cameras.  Some offers a wide view angle while others can automatically rote and change angle.  Do you want a movable camera or a fixed camera?

3.  How easy is it to install?  The first thing that you should ask any vendor or supplier is whether you can install the security camera yourself.  This would allow you to save on cost and other charges.  Check the box or the kit if it includes an easy install manual and if the instructions are very clear.  If you can’t answer the question yourself remember to ask the vendor or a sales representative.

4.  What is the camera’s video quality?  Remember that if you install a security camera it is not just for the sake of installing it but you want to identify and know what is happening in your immediate surroundings.  Always take note of the quality of image being produced by it and make sure that they are high quality images.  Also determine the limitation of its zoom capability and whether the images gets distorted or not.  It is always advised to test the camera before buying them.

8-Questions-to-Ask-Yourself-in-Choosing-an-Effective- Business-Security-Camera(2)

5.  Will the camera work in all types of environment?  Some camera may be crisp at day time and in good lighting but will they be crisp as well at night or when there is total darkness?  Inspect the night vision capability of the camera and check whether you can still see the images clearly or not.  If the image is quite dim and unrecognizable then consider another model.

6.  How is the data stored?  How does the camera store its data?  Do you need a DVR and how much hard disk space do you need?  Can you save the date remotely via cloud?  Make sure that you can both save your security camera footage locally and on cloud.  This would allow you to remotely view the data.

7.  Is the feed secured and are alerts possible?  You should always make sure that you are the only person that can view your security camera feed.  Ensure that the camera models you are looking into have encryption or other privacy features.  Alerts should also be possible in any case that you are not available to view the feed instantly.  The camera should have a way to send you a notification of any alert triggering event.

8.  How much is your budget?  In the end it all boils down to your budget.  You can opt for the best quality business security camera there is but it might be too expensive for you.  In this case you need to compare all of the cameras and fit them according to your budget.  Remember not to compromise quality with price.

You deserve to be protected from anyone who wants to steal or destroy your business with the best possible security option available in the market today.  You can check various CCTV security providers online guided by the 8 questions.

Always be secured and protected because a secured business is a profitable business.


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