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Are you ready for the future of work and the workplace?

Are you already comfortable with your work now?  Are you performing well in your company?  Is your business running well and sound?  Well, good for you but are you ready for the future of work and the workplace?

Many businesses are still stocked up in the transition between the old workplace and corporate structure into the current technologically connected workplace.  This transition problem may have not affected their operation at the moment but in time it will affect business growth and progress as employees change their habits and attitudes as well.  A company left out in the old age may find it hard to recruit new employees and compete in the future.

What the future of work will look like?

We manage to get a very handy Infographic on what to expect about the future of work.  This infographic will tell you exactly what to expect in the not so distant future and what is already happening right now.


Thanks to OfficeVibe for this very informative infographic.  So what can you expect as businesses and as employees?

  • Technology is key.  Technology will be a key driving factor for businesses as it will also be the main tools that will be used and preferred by employees.
  • Collaboration.  Instead of directing what needs to be done, collaboration will be the main theme of the future workplace.  It means less leadership and more flat hierarchy in organizations.
  • Goal Oriented.  Businesses will be more focused on its collective goals with the employees as a great part of it.  This means that the traditional work hours time will not matter as long as goals and targets are met.
  • Data Driven HR.  This means that HR will need as much data as possible to determine the performance of employees and how they can imporove that performance.  It is no longer a focus on ensuring that employees adhere to company policies but more on how they can help to ensure that employees become key drivers to reach the success of the company.

Businesses need to be prepared for the future of work, since this is something that will affect everyone.  One example perhaps of an upcoming challenge for businesses in the Philippines is the upcoming ASEAN integration.  Can your business adopt to it and can it compete with other businesses in ASEAN?

If you are reading this then we want to hear your views particularly if your business is ready for the future of work.  Are you ready?

Reference:  SAP Business Innovation

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