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BI4MYOB newest edition on MYOB

In a small medium enterprise, we need a software that all business or accounting that is more accurate in input on account payable, creating chart and manual generating reports from the balance sheet and accounts payable made by the accountants. In mid 2000 ( 2004-2005) we have the MYOB (Mind Your Own Business Accounting Software).

MYOB is the software as far as I remember during my college (on my second course) that we can do Debit,Credit and Balance Sheet or practically most of the usual accounting tasks.  Also that time SAP came to the market and of course technology changes through the years.

Now,  the creators of MYOB had developed and improved from the previous versions coming with its own Business Intelligence function.  This function can transform data based on the modules on BI4MYOB Software.  It can do online analytical processing, data mining and reporting.

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