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Can Internet Service Providers and Telcos be accused of economic sabotage for slow internet?

The title of this article is actually the question that I had been asking myself, “Can Internet Service Providers and Telcos be accused of Economic Sabotage?”  They had been promising us of a good internet connection at seemingly high speeds and asking us to pay as well at high prices just to avail of that speed but are we getting what we paid for?

In a recent survey conducted the Philippines ranked last in Asian countries for internet speed, 3.5Mbps.  This is even lower than Laos and Indonesia.  The survey was conducted by Ookla – a global broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications company that compares the download, upload and line quality of broadband connections.


Hongkong is at the number one sport with a speed of 78.3 Mbps. Singapore sped to second placing at 66.6 Mbps while South Korea was ranked fourth (53.77Mbps), the United Kingdom 23rd (26.85Mbps) and the United States, 32nd (23.9Mbps).

Malaysia seems to face the same problem with the Philippines with a phrase in the Terms of Service of various Telcos which states that, ““the speed is not guaranteed due of various factors”.

internet-hearing1How can you then pay for high priced internet packages when there is no guarantee for the speed that you are paying for?  It would even be better if you would only pay for the guaranteed speed and not for the maximum speed.

This had been a lingering problem in the Philippines with Telcos failing to upgrade their system and even add lines that will decongest the whole internet pipeline.  Most individuals are usually connected on an internet pipeline that is already congested resulting in a relatively slower speed.

Going back to the question, why did I ask such a bold question?

Come to think of it, internet speed affects business processes in the country.  This means that if we have the slowest speed of internet in Asia then it will affect all technology and internet based businesses.  This might result to current business going out of the country and future business reconsidering investment in the country.

If Telcos would not improved the Philippine internet dilemma, can they be held liable?  What can the government do to mitigate this sad situation?

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