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Previously we have talked about SAP Business One and how it can help businesses, now let me introduce you on how you could earn money by being a member of SAP Network Philippines.  This network aims to expand the opportunity of training people to know more about SAP Business One and in the process help businesses to be empowered as well.

This is an income earning opportunity that involves no cash out, no tedious contracts, no quota and you can do this at your most convenient time.  What would you do?  All you need to do is scout for businesses who you think might be interested to implement SAP Business One.  By referring them you open up an opportunity for them to make their business run simple and at the same time an opportunity for you to earn as well.

its just as easy as 123Earning as a member of SAP Network Philippines is very easy just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register as a member of SAP Network Philippines by clicking this link.  You will then be invited to an orientation to be scheduled on January 2015.
  2. Refer businesses and friends.
  3. Earn instantly for every referral who signs up for SAP.

You do not need to be so adept in business or even someone who knows SAP Business One and similar solutions, all you need is the willingness to learn and the ability to reach out to businesses about the great possibilities of SAP Business One.
The time to start earning is now!  So we highly recommend that you become part of this growing network of people that will be equipped to help businesses run simple.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Francisco

    I’ve heard about this before, and was wondering what it really was. Wow. This is a great way to earn extra money. 🙂 Awesome!! ^_^

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