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Effective technique for your business to trend in social media

How will your business trend in social media?  Does it have a secret recipe?  Do you have to hire brilliant social media experts in order for you to be ahead of your competitor?  Let us share with you one of the easiest ways by which your business can do well in utilizing the power of the new age marketing platform.

How can business trend in social media

First, let us ask you this question – what do you think is the greatest asset of your company?  What is that asset that contributes a lot to your success and the accomplishment of your business goals?


Employees are your greatest business asset.  They work hard, accomplish tasks, contribute to goals and practically knows the most about your business and its products and services.  If they are your greatest asset then why not turn them into social media warriors?

Your employees love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  In fact they might be using them even while working, even before and after the office and this should be taken the positive way.  What if these activities can be part of their contribution to the company?  How can their social activities be geared towards helping your business trend in social media?


The basic key is actually not to make them your social media warriors but rather your ONLINE BRAND AMBASSADORS.  Let them echo your digital marketing strategy and let them participate in your campaigns.

Educate your employees on your digital marketing strategy and inform them of ways that they can help and contribute.  Find ways by which your strategy can also help them accomplish their tasks and company functions.  The truth is most of the successful companies online are first and foremost supported by their own employees.


You do not need to force all of your employees to participate online.  The key here is to find passionate employees who are willing to participate.  Let your employees personally identify what area they want to help and which social channel they want to participate in.  Identify their areas of expertise and which topics they are good at.

If your business has a blog, ask your employees if who among them are interested to write articles which focus on their preferred topic.  This way you create varying articles with varying styles that could appeal to more audience.


Imagine if you have 50 employees and these 50 employees have 100 friends in Facebook minimum.  That means that you reach 5,000 people immediately with your own employees.  The key here however is not to force them to just share your message but they must know the reason why and they should tailor fit it to their own circle.

How can business trend in social media

The inner circle of each of your employees are different that is why you should allow them to be creative and find ways to connect.  This can help your business when you have a new product, an event or want to reach a greater number of audience.


Remember this always, “social media is your friend.”  It is not the enemy of your business.  If you are blocking your employees from using social media then you might be missing out on a big opportunity.  Let your employees understand that this channel can be used to reach out and achieve their goals.  Guide them and mentor them so that they can properly utilize this medium to be more effective and empowered employees.

How can business trend in social media

Is your business digitally engaged?  How did social media help your company?  Share us your experiences and let us grow together.

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