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Featured Startup: BeamAndGo

Do you have relatives abroad?  Do you want to request something specifically from them?  Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker and want to send something to your family in the Philippines but are tired of long waiting lines or remittances hassle?

If you answer yes to any of this question then this startup is for your use. is an online platform that enables Filipinos from anywhere in the world to purchase digital gift certificates for goods and services for their families in the Philippines. No more waiting on long lines at remittance centers and banks.  The product or gift certificate availed is texted directly to the recipient’s mobile phone.  These gift certificates can be used immediately and our fees are less than traditional remittance services.


BeamAndGo offers an alternative way of sending support to the family in the Philippines.  Instead of cash why not send them what they need right?  This way the danger of spending hard earned money for just about anything will be lessened thus it will help a lot in improving the benefits of sending a remittance.

Unlike the usual remittance platforms, BeamAndGo also offers a way by which the family in the Philippines can actually request from their families abroad.  Their family can then respond and send what they need.  These gift certificates can be immediately redeemed at any of the participating stores. A suite of tools enables the sender and the recipient to view the status of these gift certificates in order to provide accountability and transparency.

Although the selection of partner stores is still very limited I think that this platform is indeed very helpful and innovative.  It makes providing necessary and fast assistance between those working abroad to their families here in the Philippines.  The best of it is you can use it as long as you are connected online.


How much would it cost you to use BeamAndGo?  Their service fee starts at USD$1.99.  They are working with partner stores throughout the Philipppines and is also, working with additional top-line, reputable firms to add up to their existing Merchant Network.

For more information about BeamAndGO visit their website at or their Facebook page.

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