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Featured Startup: Discover the Veems App for Social Media

I don’t know if you can call it a startup but well this people developed an app where you can instantly communicate with one another using sticky notes with voice recording plus also send an instant message to one another.  Veems is the newest app that is setting its identity in the social media sphere with the hope that it will help social media savy people of today.


To start using Veems all you have to do is download the app on Google Play.  It’s free and installs instantly.  There are two types of users for now, first are the Veemers or the regular users who chats and exchanges messages then there are Veem Casters composed of celebrities and bloggers.

Here is a post from one of our blogger friend Mister Mobile about how to use it:

  1. Open the app and press the “plus” button.
  2. Go to VeemsCast tab.
  3. Browse the official profiles and search your favorite blogger and brands. Press their profiles to subscribe.
  4. Once you are subscribed, you will get notified through a private message when your favorite bloggers publish a new post.
  5. To unfollow, go back to VeemsCast tab and press the profile of the blogger you want to unfollow.




Screenshot_2015-08-02-19-31-00There are tons of bloggers already on VeemsCast and they cover various topics as well including entertainment, travel, events, food, beauty, lifestyle and more.  In fact BizH2O is also on VeemsCast.

It is a pretty unique concept since it gives life to photos and makes the story of the photo even more exciting.  I know I could describe this on and on but better try it yourself by visiting their website.

Veems for Business

Veems is also gearing up its beta test for businesses.  “Veems for businesses offers access to public profiles and channels, voting, event management among a varietyof customer engagement tools. For those who want to get an early access and trial of this app you can sign up through their beta program at this link.


Create unique Veems with your own photos, voice and subtext. A Veem is both original and unique. A Veem is you.

We are looking forward to future developments of Veems and how this new app will play up on the social media spectrum.  Will it be successful? We hope so.

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