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Featured Startup: Galleon PH and finding rare stuffs online

Have you ever wondered were to get items that are now available locally?  Would department store or even Duty Free stores have them?  Can you order from overseas stores and then just pay the shipping costs?  All of these questions had been lingering in the mind  of people who wanted to get really rare items not available in the Philippines, but now, thanks to, the problem is solved.

Bizh2o-Featured-Startup-GalleonPH owned and managed by All Hands on Deck an e-Commerce website that would like to bring online shopping to a whole new level.  The website which is pretty much an online shopping portal showcases products that are not available in the Philippines.

All products that you will find at are sourced directly from US suppliers and shipped to your doorstep.  The process is quite simple just check their online shop and search for the products that you are interested in, if the product is available then just click on the “Buy Now,” button and follow the instructions.

In cases that the products you are looking for are not currently available, just use their search tool and find the product available in the US.  After finding the product they can then source that product and e-mail you an update including pricing and delivery details. also opens up the idea of a social shopping platform since the website functions are connected to social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Share your products and collections with your friends and probably you can even help them find what they are looking for.

So why Galleon?

The name was adopted from the Spanish trading ships called Manila Galleons, which came to the Philippines once or twice a year to bring commodities back in 1500. Back in those days, the Filipinos traded their own produce for goods that are not available in the country. We have adopted this simple yet innovative idea. is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs who dream of creating a never before seen or heard e-commerce website in the Philippines. is here to give the same kind of excitement that the Filipinos had when they first laid eyes on the Manila Galleons.

Galleon PH is one of the many Philippine startup companies which we hope you can support, share and continue to use not because they are owned by fellow Filipinos but because it is very useful and innovative.

For more information you can visit their website at  Happy shopping!

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