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Featured Startup: Iloop, DiGenomics and Helping Enterprise Learn from Big Data

BizH2)_Featured_Startup_Iloo_Digital_Genomics (2)Business has now the capability to learn more about their customers thanks to the capability to analyze customer behavior.  Big data is the new power of businesses and analyzing them properly will ultimately help them grow.  Iloop for example promises to deliver unprecedented performance improvements in advertising effectiveness, brand and sentiment management, product recommendations, supply chain management, operational transformation, customer loyalty and experience.

lloopp ToolboxTM, fuses the power of  consulting services, data science and high-performance computing with Deep Machine Learning to quickly build capabilities in new insight generation, prediction, action and optimization.

Most of the emerging successful businesses of today have utilized the power of the Internet of Things to generate big data and put these data gathered into effective use.  What are your clients thinking?  What will influence their next buying decisions?  How would the market react to certain conditions?  These questions are just some of the many market conditions that can now be analyzed and predicted somehow.

So what is Big Data?  Check out the video below.

lloopp, actively works with teams of experts in their partner Labs in San Francisco, Seattle and Paris in the fields of Cognitive Psychology, Particle Physics, Robotics Engineering and Deep-Learning to help deliver new capabilities to your enterprise.  Theyis constantly developing tools for natural language processing, semantics recognition, digital genome mapping, Bluetooth LE beacon proximity analysis and vision technologies help your business evolve into the next-generation Intelligent Enterprise.

Introducing Digital Genomics

Focusing on Digital Genomics, Iloop is bringing a whole new tool into businesses.  Genomics dates back to 1995 when the first free living organism was sequenced using new computing tools by the The Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR) (Sources: and


llooppTM uses a similar process called Digital Genomics (DiGenomics) to generate complex models that go beyond associations and correlations and provide deeper and more valuable meanings around anything that has left behind trails of data in the digital world. Similar to a chromosomal map, much can be achieved by mapping the digital trails and merging them with transactional data to know the traits and behaviors of people and things that are most significant in particular situations or context.

Try the link below and find out if your Facebook profile matches your real life personality.

For more information and idea on what is our company all about, you may visit their website at

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