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The Philippines and Donald Trump
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Is a Donald Trump presidency good or bad for the Philippines?

Today is Super Tuesday in the United States were a dozen of states will be up for grabs for both the Republican and Democratic parties to get coveted seats for their respective primaries.  A CNN/ORC poll shows that the billionaire mogul Donald Trump has a 49% support across Republicans US-wide followed in futility by Marco Rubio at 16%.  If this means a win for Trump then are we all doomed?

In number of delegates Trump also leads the Republican race after winning over New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Iowa went to rival Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

Is a Donald Trump presidency good or bad for the Philippines?

Update 3/2/2016 9:30AM PH Time: It seems Donald Trump will be taking all of the states in Super Tuesday and is heading to a landslide Republican nomination.


Donald Trump entered the Republican Presidential nomination race an underdog.  In fact nobody had previously taken him very seriously.  His heavy rhetoric on immigration, Muslims and other policies had previously expected to have a heavy backlash however this did not happen and in fact it made him the front runner.

It is predicted that if both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton win by a big margin during Super Tuesday they might be the one squaring it off for the US Presidential Elections.  Can Trump defeat Clinton?

Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton

We are seeing a very dissatisfied America when it comes to terrorism, immigration, war and a lot of other issues.  Donald Trump’s track record of being successful in everything he touches seems to be a come on for the US electorate and honestly speaking, we are predicting a Trump presidency.  Now, what does this mean for the Philippines in particular?  Will it be good or bad?

Let’s see, that one is a hard question really.  Trump is a very impulsive person, he says one thing at one point and then says another thing.  Indecisiveness might mean a rather unstable foreign policy which is a bad sign for the Philippines.  Will this mean stricter immigration laws and more stringent scrutiny of US Visa application?  Probably.


Business in the Philippines however might benefit from a Donald Trump US presidency.  If a venture will benefit the United States and expand things then I think Trump will let that happen.  We might expect more investments from the United States having a president with a business perspective.

Now, let us ask you – What do you think of Donald Trump?  Do you think if he is indeed elected as US President would this be good or bad for the Philippines?  We want to hear your opinion on this timely issue.

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