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NComputing and its impact on businesses

NComputing-and-Business-at-PHA-Convention-2014 (10)Whenever I discuss about NComputing there are those who would say about its limitations in computing capacity, power, graphics and more.  However, the reality is that NComputing has a very positive impact on businesses considering the real savings that one would get in utilizing this setup.

Let us take for example the case of the  65th Annual National Convention of the Philippine Hospital Association.  Would you imagine deploying tons of desktop at the registration area or at any booth considering the space, the long wait time in the ingress and egress during events and possible maintenance problem during the event?

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What BizBox did was deploy NComputing to the event and even in their booth.  They used servers to empower several PCs wherein each NComputing client device is attached.  The result is a hassle free environment which is a lot easier to employ and saves on electricity and maintenance.

NComputing-and-Business-at-PHA-Convention-2014 (6)If you are running a business which needs non-heavy computer operations like gaming, video editing or heavy photo editing then why would you purchase tons of desktop units for each employee?  You would say that, “Well, an NComputing client device plus the monitor and peripherals can be at par with a brand new desktop anyway.

Looking at NComputing based on a head to head pricing with an actual desktop will defeat the purpose of the total savings from every device.  Each client device uses just 5Watts of power compared to a desktop unit which can use up to more than a 100 watts of power.  Add the maintenance cost for each unit compared to a maintenance free client device.

Corporate.epsNComputing uses a game-changing virtual desktop client device that is sleek low-power design and form factor is easily mounted on a monitor or secured to a desk. The L-300 series client device for example is powered by NComputing’s Numo System on a Chip (SoC), which costs less than any other thin- or zero-client options and is a quarter of the cost of typical desktop PCs. With the ability to connect up to 100 L300 user sessions to a single NComputing vSpace server, the combination provides a simple and powerful desktop virtualization solution at one-third the price of traditional alternatives.

What’s more powerful is that by using NComputing your business can save a lot from software licensing.  NComputing vSpace leverages Microsoft RDS to deliver virtual desktops to users at the lowest possible licensing and infrastructure costs. But unlike other vendors that use RDS, NComputing is the only company that provides both thin clients and a proprietary optimized remote access protocol. This combination results in better price / performance than other solutions, a single vendor for support, and integrated management of sessions and devices through a single interface. So when you are looking for a virtual desktop solution designed for organizations with limited budget, staff, and expertise, look at NComputing vSpace.

For more information on how you can utilize the power of NComputing for business, you can send a message to Vinea Distributions Inc. and find out how.

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