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Philippine Elections Survey: Who do you think is the candidate best fit to make our country better?

It’s election time again in the Philippines and we are trying to measure which among all the candidates would be best fit to help the country become better.  It is stated in a recent business article that whoever wins the progress of the Philippines will likely continue however, there is someone who would be able to do that with more dedication and haste.


BizH2O is publishing this very brief Philippine Elections Survey to ask everyone about your choice for the presidency, vice presidency and senatorial candidates.  It will also ask you which among the major issues you think deserves the number one priority of the next administration.

Business solutions are not the only way to achieve business growth because it should be coupled with a government that supports a good business environment.  You can be assured that our survey is not being influenced by any candidate or political party, we only require you to login to provide a more accurate survey.

Philippine Elections Survey Results (as of April 25, 2016)

Halalan 2016 unbiased surver

Make your choice be counted, fill out the survey below to join the Philippine Elections Survey 2016:

This survey is in collaboration with Mustard Seed Systems Corporation as part of our dedication to promote a meaningful, relevant and peaceful elections.

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