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Robert Kiyosaki sees wealth but loses the meaning of life

If you want to be an employee, go to school. If you want to be rich, you don’t need school,” says Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author and motivational speaker to Filipinos.  He was in Robert-Kiyosaki-is-wrongthe Philippines for the event Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila.  Personally, I find this a bit too vulgar and too generalized.  It is an irresponsible move that discredits education in favor of being wealthy and just having money.

Everyone wants to have money and for sure be wealthy.  Businesses want to earn more and make an income that could make them live life.  However, we live not because of a goal to have money and be wealthy alone but because we have a purpose to make a difference to others.

My father was a smart man who had a PhD, yet he was poor. My whole family is full of PhDs and are all poor,” Kiyosaki said in the same event.  But did he ask himself what if all people are entrepreneurs and there were no doctors, no lawyers, no social workers, and more?  Could the wealthy survive with all their money and with all their supposed “symbol” of money?

Businesses in the same way does business not only because they want to rake tons and tons of wealth but also because they are giving a service or a product necessary to help the community.  As a businessman, you are guided with the principles of good business ethics so that you do business reasonably and in a way that contributes so the society.

Kiyosaki then said, “The reason most people are poor is that they graduate out of school but they don’t learn entrepreneurial skills. Today, there are so many ways to get rich. From a smartphone, you can sell anything to anyone. So if you have one and you’re poor, you’re doing something wrong,”

Robert-Kiyosaki-is-wrong-reallyThis, we can agree.  Schools should teach entrepreneurial skills so that students will learn how to properly engage in business so that they will have the money to live a better life.  Education should not be just all about academic skills but also about practical skills and capacity building.  However, to totally say that schools are useless would just be the same as saying that no one should study and all should just go out and seek wealth.

What about you, do you agree with Robert Kiyosaki that education leads to people being poor?  Share us what you think.

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