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SAP Business One Philippines enables businesses to do more

How does a company like Jollibee, McDonalds or even those in the world fortune 500 company manage the affairs of their business with tons of branches and even worldwide locations? Can it be done using the usual business model and micromanagement? The simple answer is that these companies utilize an ERP solution software and one of the most popular is SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-implement business management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of emerging and dynamically growing small companies. A solution that gives managers on-demand access to critical real-time information through one single system containing financial, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and management control capabilities. The solution that enables rapid employee productivity, while empowering managers to make better business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Looking at it more simply, it is a business integration system.  An automation system that will enable employees and management of the company to work seamlessly in an environment which is less of a hassle and lessening the burden of having to micro manage everything.

SAP Business One Philippines is being handled by local business partners of SAP in the Philippines.  One of the pioneering companies handling SAP Business One in the Philippines is Mustard Seed Systems Corporation.  It is a company with 15 years of experience in helping small and medium businesses grow their business.

Regular free workshop are being conducted by Mustard Seed Systems to assist aspiring SMB users of SAP Business One in order to guide them on how the software can indeed help them grow their business.  These workshops require no obligation for those who will participate to actually purchase the software.

Besides being one of the partners for SAP Business One Philippines, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation extends its support to possible partners who want to help businesses and also have additional income for themselves.  To do this they organize, SAP Network Philippines.  SAP Network Philippines, are people who will help businesses know more about SAP Business One and eventually earn from doing it as an incentive to them.

Want to know more about SAP Business One?  Check out the links below and begin experiencing this great business integration software:

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  1. Phylicia Marie Pineda

    Honestly? I got lost with all of the descriptions and technical terms. It does sound like it can help with business process flows, suggesting this to my boss!

    • shenbrood

      Thanks for suggesting it to your boss. The simplest way to summarize this is that SAP Business One is a software that helps business processes run simple.

  2. Joseph A. Pagtananan

    Is this an expensive software? 🙂 Though I’m not from the IT world but I think this is a good investment 🙂

    • shenbrood

      I would not say it is expensive since it is more cost efficient. If you will measure the investment against the things it can do then it is a software that is a must for growing businesses.

  3. stacy

    I’ve used SAP when working as an accountant. I’ve really good.

  4. Fernando Ceballos Lachica

    SAP software really good in inventories like warehousing, stock rooms and other material storage

  5. Lauren Ashley

    I can’t totally relate with the terms since I’m not used to business. It seems very helpful especially to the people in the business line.

    • shenbrood

      It sure is helpful specially if you really want to synchronize business processes and link them together.

  6. Carmel

    I’m not really familiar with SAP terms but I know how helpful it is to businesses. 🙂

  7. Janice Lim

    I learned about SAP when I worked for a local coffee company. It’s really interesting how it’s able to integrate everything into one system. Technology at its finest!

    • shenbrood

      Indeed it is one of the best system of choice when it comes to business integration.

  8. slickmastertheblogger

    Not very much familiar with the system, but hey, I’m quite learning thru this post huh? It’s a huge help for anyone who plans to pursue their own businesses. Plus, facing the advent where everyone can be entrepreneurs at their own respective ways and means.

  9. Janet

    I have learned of this kind of systems because my brother is a programmer and he told me he has this project that I can also offer to some offices or businesses.

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