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Social Media and Business

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Social media was once reserved for interaction with friends and family.  When Facebook and Twitter first came out no one could have imagined the impact that it would have on marketing and directly reaching consumers. Companies have a direct line now to answering customer complaints, sometimes before the transaction is even complete, as well receiving compliments. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to using social media to promote your business.
Digital-consumer-with-an-active-profileAdvantages to using social media
Social  sites are a useful tool in our increasingly connected world, they can also adversely affect our development and the nature of our social interactions. Social  media sites offer a medium for people to keep in touch with their acquaintances and maintain constant contact with their friends. This increased connectivity opens new paths for relationships to be built and bonds to be strengthened. In this way, social networking sites help to complement and enhance a person’s social experience. This also help the people sometime to search important things which they have not knowledge .
Disadvantages to using social media
There are also disadvantages of social media. some people take advantage of social media to do crime which includes robbery, rape, and identity theft among others.  Fraud is also abundant in social media, the main objective of which is to fool innocent people’s .
There is an increasing rate of crime being done through these social media sites which is very dangerous.  People make fake account for doing  crime and paste fake photos to identify them in social media sites.   I am not saying that every site is used for crime , but some sites are used by the criminals to make crime especially Facebook or Twitter since they are more common in every country. Even some people heck the website or account of a particular person or a official website of a Government or any other website of a particular company.
The reality of using social media
Social media is an absolute necessity to any company that wants their brand to stay relevant and recognized by consumers. Unfortunately it is a double-edged sword and while not all interactions are pleasant, how you deal with them as a company can really effect customer perception. Companies that delete negative feedback or don’t respond in a timely manner definitely give costumers a bad impression of the brand.
After reading this article how you feel or what knowledge you get?  What is your opinion regarding Social Media? What do you think, is it good for society and for young children?
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