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The PITC and Its Package of Services for International Buyers

pitcdtilogo2The Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) is full-service government -owned international trading company with over 40 years of professional experience in the export and import of a wide range of commodities , industrial products and consumer goods. It is an organization which operates with dynamism and enterprising spirit of private business.

Established in 1973 to pioneer and take the lead in the Philippines trade with the socialist and other centrally planned Economy Countries ,PITC was given a broader mandate in 1977 to be a prime mover in the expansion of Philippines trade worldwide. It has since embarked on various innovative trading activities and has implemented facilitative trade – related services dircted at the attainment of its two-pronged objective. The expansion of market for Philippines products, and the stabilization of prices and supply of essential raw materials and commodities for local industries and consumers.

In the domestic front, PITC supports an extensive pool of suppliers all over the Philippines, assisting its clients in market development efforts and providing the necessary services that will facilitate trade.

Services Available


Buyer Supplier Matching – The Corporation’s capabilities to link buyers with appropriate supplier are anchored on the professional business relationships it has forged over the years with reputable manufactures all over the Philippines.





Product Sourcing

  1. Minerals
  2. Commodities
  3. Personal Care
  4. Food Products
  5. Garments & Textiles
  6. Furniture & Furnishing
  7. Houseware, Decors & Novelties
  8. Construction Materials

Coordinator of Orders – The corporation designates a trained and professional merchandising team which coordinates arrangements between the foreign buyer and local suppliers. The team sustain regular liaison between supplier and buyer during all phases of the transaction to ensure smooth implementation of the order schedule.

manufacturing-1Production Monitoring – For challenging or sensitive orders, have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time. When required and in accordance with an agreed program, PITC submits regular reports to the buyer on the status of production and, when necessary, provides advice as to causes of delay or delivery .


Quality Inspection and Assurance – An in -house team of professionally trained quality inspectors is fielded to manufacturing sites to monitor all phases of production prior to shipment and ensure adherence to stringent standards.



Order Consolidation – The Corporation supervisor consolidation of all order placed with selected manufactures to ensure coordinated shipment. PITC makes the necessary arrangements for delivery of economic lots sizes, as well as coordinates appropriate procedures for packaging.


Export Documentation – PITC has developed expertise and established the necessary contacts to ensure smooth processing of required export documentation prior to shipment.The Marketing services team likewise ensures strict compliance with the standards and guidelines outlined in the buyer’s.


Shipping Arrangements – The corporations Exports Department coordinates all arrangements required  to ensure prompt shipment in order to meet the target delivery date and in accordance  with the buyer’s instruction.


Attend to Buyer’s Visits –  PITC  organizes an appropriate itinerary for the buyer’s representatives traveling to the Philippines for business , and entities in the Philippines  are properly coordinated in order to maximize the benefits derived by the buyer from his trip.

 Collaborate with Government Agencies – PITC makes the appropriate representations with concerned government agencies in the Philippines to ensure smooth implementation of the buying program. More specifically, the corporation coordinates with government entities involved in customs clearance, licenses, documentation and the like to safeguard against unnecessary delays in shipment.



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