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Top 5 Small Business Ideas You Need to Know in 2018

Nowadays, people engage themselves in putting up small businesses to earn extra income while having flexible working hours. Moreover, establishing a business here is not that expensive as it may seem. Business licenses costs less and can be applied online. Since it is very easy to start and operate your own business here in the Philippines, there has been an evident growth in the number of entrepreneurs every year.

If you are considering setting up your own company, here are the top 5 small business ideas you need to know this 2018:

1. Food Business

Food is part of our daily lives which is why setting up a business in the food industry will always be profitable. The latest trend today is putting up a small stall in food parks or you can also start your own restaurant where you specialize in serving food from different countries. If you like Japanese food, why not start small with your own Japanese food stall?

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2. Travel Agency

A lot of people treat travelling as their escape from stress. A travel agency helps them book flights, arrange visas, find hotels, create itineraries, etc. That is why travel agencies are in demand especially to millennials who value experience, affordability and quality service.

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3. Auto Care

Low down payments of cars today lead to higher number of purchases and for this reason the need for auto care or car wash services drastically increases. Cars, like any other machine requires maintenance after it has travelled a certain distance, therefore the go-to solution for owners is to avail maintenance in these shops including repair, cleaning, and change oil.Image result for car wash service

4. Children Services

Education is very important to everyone because society says it’s the key to success. It is on top of every parents’ list. Sending your children to a good daycare center can be crucial to their growth. Establishing a kindergarten or development center can be of great help in preparing your children.Related image

5. Health Care Services

Health Care Services play a very important role in our society. Clinics and small hospitals are necessary service for all of us. Not only will you help a lot of people who have health conditions, you will also generate jobs for nurses, doctors, physicians, and many more.Related image

With these business ideas, you can now start your own business. Furthermore, as your business starts to grow, there will be challenges along the way. In order for you to meet these demands, you can utilize business management software to help you automate your processes. One of the leading brands is SAP Business One. This all-in-one ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) offers Accounting and Financials, Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Purchasing and Operations, Inventory, and Reporting and Administration which enable you to integrate your entire operation and have total control of your organization.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to start your own business idea? Take a risk and start now!

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