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VDI launches stronger cutting-edge QNAP products

MANDALUYONG CITY – Held at Legend Villas, on August 23, 2016, and participated by 21 various companies and resellers all over Metro Manila, VINEA Distribution, Inc. (VDI), holds yet another successful event in support of one of its noteworthy brands, QNAP. Vinea Distribution, Inc. is a licensed distributor of popular technologically advanced and cost-efficient products in the Philippines like NComputing and KYan.

With over 100 product awards and corporate recognitions around the world, QNAP is hailed as tQNAPhe leading NAS provider of All-in-one Storage: File Storage, Backup, iSCSI, QvPC, Container, Virtualization, Multimedia and IoT. A few of its prestigious awards include Best NAS Device and Product of the Year for 2015, and Best Choice Award for the year 2016.

It’s no surprise why world-famous companies and frontrunners of their respective industries like BMW, Toyota, Audi, Hilton Hotel and Best Buy, entrust and cache their data with this NAS system. QNAP was also featured in one of the movies of the hit franchise, Fast and Furious, where it appeared on the 6th movie installment.

Bianca Chen, QNAP’s Account Manager for the Asia Pacific Region headed the launch and presented their latest product line up. The High-end Enterprise-class NAS has the Enterprise ZFS NAS ES1640dc which offers nearly zero downtime and was specifically developed for critical undertakings and in-depth virtualization apps.   Inside, it runs on a brand new QES operating system that allows almost limitless snapshots, block-level data deduplication and thin provisioning with reclaim.  The Double Server TDS-16489U integrates an application server and storage server into one chassis.

QNAP 4The Enterprise-class category has the TS-ECx80U R2 which contains high performance unified storage with built-in 10GbE, while the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 Series, is the world’s first ever unified NAS which supports Auto Tiering.

The SMB-class NAS line up has the TVS-x82 Series. It contains improved hardware features and multicore processors. The TS-X53A Series, is QNAP’s response to the outburst of IoT (Internet of Things), as it supports the open-source Linux platform as a gateway. The other products included in the list are the TVS-x63 Series and TS-831X. QNAP aims to help businesses maximize and save data space at the best costs.

For more information about QNAP, check out our website: or call us at (02) 535-SEED (7333).


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