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What businesses should know about the changes in SEO and Social Media?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media had been two separate and different planets for most of those who are unaware yet of what’s happening.  SEO had been a very technical thing where content experts try to push for keywords, pages and site to be recognized by Google so that they would attain Page 1 rank in the search engine.

Social media on the other hand had been viewed as a way to promote the brand and awareness of the company.  It is viewed as a way to drive traffic into the website, possibly create leads and interact with clients and future clients.




All of these are changing however with the latest update and development on how Google Search Engine is now functioning.  According to Google itself it is on the direction of making Google more of a “knowledge engine”from its current state as an “information engine.”  Wit this Google Algorithms place more focus on the quality of content and the related social media influence of a business or a brand.  You can nolonger fool Google with keyword stuffing or inbound linking, this one is more intelligent now.

Your social media presence and influence will now play a major role if you want your business to reach its target audience.  Google uses Twitter and other social media to check for the relevance of these pages and if people are actually engaging with them.  Are these pages important to the general users?  Will these pages and websites give them a better user and search experience?

Facebook had also implemented a Facebook Algorithm change being implemented starting January 2015.  So if you think that posts which tells people to buy something or install an app will still show that much in newsfeeds then think again.  Facebook is focusing more on providing relevant content which users find interesting and relevant rather than self promoting posts on Facebook pages.  It might be a way to promote their own advertising platform and yet it is a move towards improving user experience.

Google is also increasing the significance of Google+ by putting weight on your activeness and +1 on the platform into Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).  It would be wise therefore to consider putting your business visible online and with that include an active and informative Google Plus profile.

What can businesses and brands do to maximize these changes in SEO and Google Search?

I know some of you who will read this have additional ideas and we welcome those so don’t forget to comment them in this article so that people would know.  Meanwhile, here are some suggestions:

  • Create high quality and shareable content for your business.
  • Maximize your presence in social media.
  • Engage with your followers and readers in your website and across social media platforms.
  • Focus on how to give additional value to your clients and future clients through your posts.
  • Synchronize your social media and SEO campaign through proper planning and targeting.
  • Make your website 100% mobile friendly.


The age where truly Content is King had arrived and those that will invest effort and time on providing them will eventually gain victory and ensure business growth and more qualified leads through their digital marketing efforts.

Thanks for reading and if you have questions, feedback or you want to contribute to this site just drop an e-mail at dave at mseedsystems dot com or through one of my social media channels.

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A blogger and social media user since 2007 back when it was not yet a mainstream. Graduate of BS Accountancy, a social media buff, Wattpad writer, entrepreneur, cosplayer, social activist and counselor.

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  1. - IT Consultants

    Great article. Informative. Anyone know how to isolate your from fine others using the same keywords or content/ tactics? I find my efforts lead prospects to competition sites.

    Target marketing isn’t eas sure, however with some services/ businesses posting blogs, news, relevant info, etc -you end up attracting industry peers and like minded followers instead of new leads who would acuau buy your stuff. I’m other words, how do you reach your audience/ customer bade without inadvertently attracting people coming for just the click bait ?

    I’m, finding a call to action or engaging content that is far from your relevant area of expertise like headline news or recipes, cute pictures of puppies etc. does it upset the follower that tjr content isn’t relatef related to what you do? Feeling tricked and fooled ?

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