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What do you expect from a Duterte presidency?

With more than 15 million votes for Rodrigo Duterte in the May 9 elections, he is the presumed President of the Philippines for the next 6 years.  Some of you may have wanted another candidate or you are afraid of the prospect of a Duterte presidency but now it is a reality.

What do you expect from a Duterte presidency?

For the vice presidency it can be Leni Robredo or Bongbong Marcos and with the rumors spreading around it seems the winner would have to wait until after the national canvassing of votes by the COMELEC.

As a businessman, an employee, a student or even as an ordinary Filipino citizen what do you expect from a Duterte presidency? Some of his key promises include:

  • Suppress crime, the spread of drugs and corruption in 3-6 months
  • Economic development for all regions, not just in Metro Manila, through federalism and creation of economic zones, improvement of the agricultural sector, and reduction of red tape in government
  • Remove income tax for those earning P20,000 and below, phase out contractualization, expand 4Ps to include credit for the poor and small and medium enterprises
  • Increase the salary of armed men and personnel of the AFT and PNP.

Do you believe that he can achieve this?  Do you have any advice to those who are still criticizing his style?

What do you expect from a Duterte presidency?

Share us your views, so that we can collectively assess our expectations and see what will happen to our country in the next few years.

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