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What the Hack 2015?! and the importance of learning about hacking

What the Hack? !Cyber Security Summit 2015 teaches attendees how to hack and basically how to snoop over your computer and your IP address.  Although, they do not do it specifically and the explanation of the speakers giving the demo are not full blown you will get an idea about hacking and how to do it.

Tanghalang Pasigueno in Pasig City became the host for the 2-day event organized by Global Knowledge PH and PMCM Events.  It was well attended by students, IT professionals, businessmen and various representatives from different government agencies.  The event was filled with various topics which tells everyone the importance of cyber security and how it is done.

Dennis Sanchez discusses the importance of knowing about cyber security and hacking.

Dennis Sanchez discusses the importance of knowing about cyber security and hacking.

Dennis Sanchez of Global Knowledge PH, the main organizer of the event eagerly tells everyone about why they need to pay attention to each and every speaker during the event.  Cyber security is a must to be learned by everyone and learning how other people do it will be a good method on how to combat these attacks.

The first day was mostly focused on the effort of the government to combat cyber crime and how citizens and various sectors can help.  There was also an introduction to what everyone will expect on the next days.  Among the topics covered were:

  • Cybercrime Law in the Philippines with speaker Jed Sherwin Uy from Department of Justice
  • Cyber Security: A Team Effort with speaker Joey Fontiveros from Phippine Army
  • Breach Detection That Can Evolve With APT, NETPLAY.
  • Proposal for National Cyber Security Strategy with speaker Francisco Ashley Acedillo
  • The Mind of the Black Hat with speaker Dennis Sanchez
  • Database and OS Hacking with Benjie Zamora from HP
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Joey Fontiveros from Phippine Army discusses about the importance of everyones involvement in cyber security.

What-The-Hack-2015-Philippine-Cyber-Security-Summit (2)

Sherwin Uy from the Department of Justice speaks about the Cyber Crime Law.

What-The-Hack-2015-Philippine-Cyber-Security-Summit (5)

Panelists during the Open Forum. Questions were commonly about how to be secured online.

The 2nd day was more focused on various demos on hacking.  Speakers discussed basic methods on how a hacker can gain access to your computer and even on your Wifi.

  • Mobile/Wifi/Web Hacking Demos with speaker Semi Yulianto
  • SSL Man in the Middle Attack with speaker John Patrick Rita
  • Raspberry Pi Demo with speaker Heremias Esquibal
  • WiFi Pinapple Demo with speaker Dennis Sanchez
  • Being a Certified Secured User by Dennis Sanchez

One of the exciting parts of What the Hack?! Cyber Security Summit 2015 wa sin fact the Hacker Games.  Each team composed of 3 members are given 4 problems.  In each problem they will be asked to hack a system and then they will be given a point depending on how good they have done it.

Team Creepy was awarded the Golden Dragon Award for being the Hacker Games Champion while OLFU-PUP was in second place.

What-The-Hack-2015-Philippine-Cyber-Security-Summit (14)

Team Creepy, winner of the Hackers Game receiving the Black Dragon Trophy

Each event attendee was given a Certificate of Attendance after the event.  It was a successful event and personally I would say it opened my eyes to the importance of learning about hacking and cyber security.  Most of us often dismiss the importance of making our system secure because we would say, “I would not be hack,” but what if you were hacked?  What would you do and are you ready for it?

It was a successful 2-day event despite the rains and heavy traffic during the first day of the event due to the Pasig Day celebration..  We hope to attend What The Hack?! 2016 and we hope that you can also find time to attend this event and learn more about how you can protect yourself and your business.

Let’s learn to hack and hack ethically so that we can help businesses create a secure business environment.  See you at What the Hack?! Cyber Security Summit 2016!

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